Monday, March 10, 2008

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

My wife and I have a friend who makes a living as a professional photographer. Though most of her work comes from photographing weddings, her favorites subjects are children. When I asked her why she loves photographing kids, she told me it was because children aren’t self-conscious and as a result, they aren’t afraid to be themselves.

She’s right. Little kids make great subjects for photography. Though they're great at playing hide and seek with their bodies, squeezing into a closet or under a bed, they haven’t yet learned how to hide their souls. As a result, kids are incredibly photogenic. The soul of a child captured on film is a work of art.

Tragically, hiding the soul is a game that adults play.

We wear a mask, hoping it will shield us from guilt, shame, or rejection. Hoping it will save us and bring us the love we desperately desire. Years later, we forget all about the mask. As a result, we end up losing ourselves. We forget who we are. The light of our true self is dimmed, sentenced to a half-life roaming in the shadows.

No wonder Jesus said we have to lose our life to find it. We have to lose the identity constructed out of self-control and self-protection in order to discover the true self fashioned by our Creator.


Starshine said...

So true! Great post, B.

Jennifer Disney said...

Hey! How cool! Beautifully said. Thanks for stealing my photo! :) Just kidding..... steal them any time! There will be some up of you and your beautiful wife in a matter of minutes.