Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday night mind dump

  • Got to blow things up at a friend's 4th of July party last night
  • Saw the movie "Handcock" with the Redhead this afternoon. She liked it better than I did.
  • Doing a lot of summer reading right now. Several future blog posts brewing in my head.
  • My sweet wife woke up at 3am with morning with a major leg cramp/"charleyhorse." Does anybody know how to prevent these?


Ana L. said...

HA! just wait until she is pregnant...the happen even more. I am told that they related to dehydration! And yes I am now an expert at this...Poor Craig I have woken him up in the mmiddle of the night as well with these cramps, but he always thinks I have gone into pre-term labor!!!

I am almost 31 weeks, about 9 to go!!

Glad to see you and "the Readhead" so happy.

Cherry said...

I second what Ana said about dehydration and the leg cramps. I've often seen a corilation between days I've been bad about water and the middle of the night leg cramps. Actually, seems to happen on days I was active and not drinking much.

So.. Hancock huh? I just don't think I want to see this one. Sorry Will!

It was great to see you both today! I hope you got home without too much traffic. We must do it again sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

Potassium. That's how to "heal" cramps or, prevent them. So, eat some bananas. Or, eat a multi-vitimin.

J at said...

I was going to chime in with the potassium too. So just to be sure, make sure she eats bananas and drinks water. Then she's covered on both bases! Who cares if only one is the cure, and not both, as long as it doesn't happen anymore. :)